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(JP) mark means the page including japanese explanation yet...(sorry).

Let's go to the Snoopy's page...
New Shin-kansen for Nagano is gone through!!
You can get the time table of Asama Shin-kansen.(JP)

Planet Exploring Project
A list of the planet exploring project now proceeding.

The animation of the typhoon through Japan in '98.
Many many typhoon came through Japan in 1998!!(JP)

A list of My favourite web page.(JP)

You can go to VSOP2 Homepage from above!!
Invitation to the Mars.
Collection of the topics about the Mars.(JP)
Let's go to Planetary Society Homepage.
This is the association of invitation
to the SETI program with Carl Sagan.
Let's go to JPL (NASA) Homepage.
JPL is a reader of the planet exploring project.
Hobby Corner.
Welcome to my hobby world.(JP)
Let's go to Yokohama City Homepage.
I live in yokohama over 30 years!!
Let's go to OCN Homepage.
My machines connect the Internet through OCN.
Let's see pictures...
The collection of pictures and drawings.(JP)
Internatinal Space Station Now!!
Now constructing International Space Station on orbit!!

These machines were accessed with virus.
E-mail: Toru Okumura
(from Jan 1, 2004)
Thank you very much for your coming here.